Development Platform

Regenerative medicine is an emerging field and fast growing market, in which biomaterials are of utmost importance for development of disruptive products and therapies. Qventis is focused on developing regenerative medical solutions for the purpose of regenerate, rejuvenate, repair and restore structure or function of impaired tissues and to promote healing. Inspired by nature and making use of science, Qventis aims to design and develop bionic regenerative medical solutions based on native or biomimetic ingredients.

Bionic design inspired by nature

Engineering novel biomaterials for regenerative medicine by using bionic design is key to ensure chemical, physical and biological compatibility in-vivo. At Qventis, we have established a platform for manufacturing an innovative bionic hydrogel, based on a polysaccahride stabilised with a biocrosslinker. The biohydrogel matrix is composed exclusively of physiological building blocks and its composition and functional profile can be tailored to the intended medical use.

Qventis bionic hydrogel exhibits unparelled rheology with an unique combination of elasticity, softness, resilience, cohesivity and stretchabilty. The microscopic structure and rheological profile impress with its similarity to biological tissues, thus being an ideal biosmilar matrix to promote tissue repair, regenerate and restore structure and function.

Optical microscope
Scanning electron microscope (SEM) 100 µm

The biocompatibility of the bionic hydrogel has been proven according to ISO 10993. Clinical studies for tailored medical device solutions class III for use in medical aesthetics and wound healing are in preparation. Further medical applications for the bionic hydrogel are envisaged in joint health, dentistry and woman health.

Optical microscope
Fluorescence confocal microscope