Development Platform

Qventis is focused on developing regenerative medical solutions that promote rejuvenation, repair or restore aged or  impaired tissue and boost healing, for improving the quality of life and well-being of patients.
With aging the body’s regeneration ability declines leading to the outset of aging signs, impairment, long recovery and ultimately high healthcare costs.
Inspired by nature and making use of science, Qventis strives to design and develop bionic regenerative medical solutions based on native or biomimetic ingredients.
By using bionics in the design and development of novel medical solutions, Qventis will provide tailored regenerative medical solutions customised to the intended use.
We work in collaboration with a network of interdisciplinary experts in biomaterials, preclinical and clinical studies to develop efficient bionic regenerative medical solutions for medical aesthetics, joint health, dentistry, wound care and woman health.

Bionic design inspired by nature


As we have a strong bond with medical aesthetics, we are commited to develop novel bionic hydrogels to boost skin rejuvenation and to promote skin condition and beauty. To get safe and natural aesthetic results in facial injections, we aim to develop bionic hydrogels that are familiar to the extracellular matrix in its chemical nature and texture


Osteoarthritis affects around 200 Mio. people worlwide. There is high demand for novel minimal invasive medical solutions to improve joint mobility and relief pain. Injectable hydrogels based on biomimetic ingredients are most suited to restore the viscoelasticity of joint’s synovial fluid.

Advanced wound care

The market of wound care and closure is forecasted to generate $20 Billion by 2020. There is a need for novel medical solutions to treat surgical and chronic wounds and burns. Hydrogels whether dry or wet are excellent matrixes for wound and burn care.