Qventis is a multi-speciality medical device company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing new and reliable medical solutions that boost regeneration.

Learning from nature and harnessing science, we focus on designing breakthrough bionic medical solutions based on native or biomimetic ingredients to meet the health needs of an aging population.

The company’s goal is to be a provider of tailor-made regenerative medical solutions in the areas of medical aesthetics, joint health, advanced wound care, dentistry and women’s health.

Mission & Vision

Regenerative medicine is a ground-breaking medical approach that is gaining momentum and may revolutionize healthcare by providing efficient medical solutions for promoting body’s own healing ability.

Regenerative medical solutions support biological regeneration of impaired tissue. Boosting healing and recovery leads to improvement of quality of life, slow down of aging and reduction of healthcare costs.

Aging slowly and keeping quality of life is the outmost aim of our aging society. Qventis is committed to be a provider of innovative bionic regenerative medical solutions to rejuvenate, repair, restore, replace, structure and/or function of aged, impaired or damaged tissue.